Globe Electric 3-Outlet Surge Protector Wall Tap Night Light

Globe Electric’s 3-outlet surge protector wall tap night light has everything you need in one polished package. A soft white (3000 kelvin) motion activated night light provides the right amount of light when you need it most. Turning on when you walk past within six metres and turning off after 40–60 seconds saves energy and money. Two 3.1A combined USB ports allow you to quickly charge your electronics with ease while the three grounded outlets are perfect for small items such as lamps, computers and extension cords. Surge protected for up to 900 joules with up to a $100,000 warranty on connected items, you can rest assured your electronics will be safe. Automatically turning on with motion within a 6-meter radius to ensure a warm welcoming light when needed Convert one outlet into three grounded 3-prong outlets to plug all your electronics in with ease Compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone and iPods, the combined 3.1AMP USB ports quickly charge your electronics – faster than the traditional 1 AMP and 2.1 AMP ports Surge protected up to 900 joules, this is the perfect wall tap to use with all your home electronics With an integrated LED that shines at a 3000 kelvin temperature, this night light will brighten your space with ease

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