Moringa Oleifera Seeds – Canadian Customs Cleared (1,000)



Our Seeds are Phytosanitary Certified and have already cleared by the US Customs.
Fast ship from Florida. Planting from seeds / Transplanting: Plant in a sunny place.
For seeds, place approximately 1 inch in the soil and tamp down with gently Use
loose soil or mix with sand so that the area where the roots are growing, the water
for the flow of plenty of drainage and then the roots from the distance. Note: Moringa
Tree does not like to sit in water; It causes root rot Water the Moringa Tree regularly
for the first two months. After that period, rain water is usually sufficient. If the
leaves start to droop then water manually It is well suited for hot or tropical climate
and do very well in a natural, somewhat unattended growing method.


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